blink 182 struggling with new album recording

In a new interview with Noisey, Travis Barker stated that recording new music has been a “challenge” and that he can’t wait for the stars to align in terms of blink hitting the studio to sacrifice not recording on other projects. Barker hopes that the band can still hit the studio before Reading and Leeds this summer, but didn’t necessarily show full confidence in releasing music before the summer like originally planned. Check out part of the interview below:

Are there any ideas of where you’re going musically with the Blink stuff, I know you are doing Reading and Leeds so originally there was talk of that deadline?
I definitely wanted new stuff, it’s just not everything worked out to where in the band could be available to record new stuff, so it’s been kind of a challenge.

How much does it keep music fresh for you then, to be able to do all these different projects?
When I was home, I played on a Rusko song, I played on something for Datsik, I played on a bunch of albums all week long because the end of the day, man, Blink, you gotta have three people that are all willing to record and write music at the same time. If it can’t happen, that can’t be the end of the world for me. I gotta have other stuff to do or I would fucking claw my eyes out. So being with the Transplants, working on my solo album, until the stars align for Blink to be in the studio I gotta just stay busy. We’re supposed to go in before Reading or Leeds sometime so hopefully it happens.