Essential Early November

The temperature has dropped, the leaves have begun falling from the trees and Halloween is over which can mean it’s November. In pop punk terms that means celebrating one of our favourite bands The Early November.

Once part of the golden age of pop punk as part of the Drive Thru Records rosta with bands like New Found Glory, The Movielife and The Starting Line, The Early November became somewhat of a cult favourite. Lead singer Ace Enders pursued a number of solo projects after their hiatus in 2007, however the band reformed in 2011 and have since released another two albums and are still recording and touring.

In celebration of The Early November, here are some of their best tracks for you to listen to each day like a pop punk advent calendar all through early November. So zip up your hoodie and get ready to for Autumn

Day 1
Song: I Want To Hear You Sad
Album: For All Of This (2002)

Day 2
Song: Baby Blue
Album: The Room’s Too Cold (2003)

Day 3
Song: Ever So Sweet
Album: The Acoustic EP (2005)

Day 4
Song: Decoration
Album: The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path (2006)

Day 5
Song: Frayed In Doubt
Album: In Currents (2012)

If that’s got your leaves blowing, you can listen to their full back catalog on Spotify. Happy Early November!