Jimmy Eat World – The Top 10

Jimmy Eat World are confirmed as Slam Dunk Festival headliners!

Although falling under the oh-so-vague “emo” genre, Jimmy Eat World are firm favourites amongst many pop punk fans.  With an extensive discography, littered with huge melodic jams, we are SO hyped to see them live at our favourite festival!

Forming in 1993, the Arizona based quartet released their first studio full length in 1996 with “Static Prevails”.  It was album 3 however, “Bleed American” (more specifically single “The Middle”) which propelled Jimmy Eat World into international acclaim.  Since then, 6 more albums have followed, packed with a plethroa of hits.  With one eye on the festival, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites…

Look at this as an introduction to your new favourite band, or a reminder of how much you love them…..

So, in no particular order, here’s 10 of the best!

(To limit this list to 10 was really fucking hard by the way & I’ve definitely missed some classics)

The Middle (Bleed American)


Blister (Clarity)


Work (Futures)


Big Casino (Chase This Light)


Lucky Denver Mint (Clarity)


Sweetness (Bleed American)


Pain (Futures)


Always Be (Chase This Light)


I Will Steal You Back (Damage)


Get Right (Integrity Blues) 


….and bonus track 11, because this one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.

Hear You Me (Bleed American)