Tom Delonge Talks blink: “I Miss The Relationship”

In a recent interview with The San Diego Union Tribune, Tom Delonge talks about his aims beyond this world with his post-blink-182 books and movie, but when asked about the prospect of reuniting with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, he said:

“Blink is in my DNA. I talk to Travis quite a bit and we try and figure out how and when it’s going to make sense.”

“It’s not like I (permanently) walked away. They have someone [guitarist / vocalist Matt Skiba] doing my job for me. It’s just that I’m so busy. If I wanted to, I could be back in a period of days.”

He also claimed that “I still own the band,” before apparently clarifying that Mark and Travis “own everything” related to Blink-182.

“I miss the relationship we had, and the growth, and the crazy times,” he continued. “But I don’t miss the grind. Like, every band has a grind, so you have to love it so much that you tolerate the grind.”

“…Being on tour was such a grind. I didn’t love it enough; it was too much disruption for me. And playing the same songs every night and moving your body with your guitar, it felt like you were ‘vogue-ing,’ like you were faking it. ‘Here’s the same song again — 1, 2, 3, 4!’ I felt like a robot.”

“That’s when I said: ‘I need a break.’ But, now, the grind to announce what we will be announcing soon and to do these books and the movie is unreal! And this is by far the biggest thing I’ve ever had in my life. It’s way bigger than (anything) I ever had with the band.”

“It’s exciting and stressful, not only because of the enormity of it, but because of what I know.”

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