The Wonder Years Announce The Greatest Tour Of 2016

This headline is not an exaggeration… if anything it could be an understatement because it could be the best (pop punk) tour line up in history! IN. HISTORY.

This is not a drill, The Wonder Years have just announced a tour this autumn with the biggest names of the scene at the moment including Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, Seaway and the UK’s own Moose Blood. It feels like someone has reached into our collective brains and created the perfect tour. I mean look at this line up, HOLY S**T!
Unfortunately for the UK fans this is set to hit the America starting in Columbus Ohio on October 15th, but if we cross every finger available we may be able to make this come to the UK. Let’s not forget Real Friends are touring the UK in December with Knuckle Puck and if you managed to catch The Wonder Years on their recent small venue tour, they alos mentioned about returning in the winter.

Check out the full tour dates below

twy tour